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  • Earn rewards with Oakam Grow

    Never missed a payment? Referred your friends to us? Great news, you can now earn rewards just for being you. That’s right, with Oakam Grow, our new app feature, you’ll get points for completing tasks such as making payments on time, referring friends & much more!

    It doesn’t stop there, you can have your say and vote for the rewards you want. Whether it’s cash, high street vouchers or a cheaper interest on a future loan, you can vote to get it!

    Earn points every step of the way

    Life is a journey and our app captures just that. Right from the first time you download our app, we’ll give you points. Earn more Grow points by repaying on time, referring friends to Oakam and logging in to the app. Earning points will help you progress up through levels.

    Keep climbing to level up

    Levels show your progress up the Oakam Grow ladder. On the home screen, you can see what level you are on and how many points you’ll need to get to the next level. Keep earning to keep climbing!

    Unlock achievements as you progress

    Our app features various achievement badges. Achievements are our special way of saying ‘well done’ for your accomplishments with Oakam.

    Achievement badges are unlocked when you download our app, make repayments on time and refer your friends or family. Once you unlock a new achievement you’ll earn even more points.

    Vote for the rewards you want

    You can help us decide what rewards we should give by voting for the best one! Browse the app’s list of rewards to learn about each one and gently tap ‘vote’.

    Start collecting Grow points today by downloading our app!

    Read our terms and conditions for more information.