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    Our staff speak 20+ different languages (and even more dialects) and come from the communities we serve so we can provide the understanding and personal service to our customers.

    It is important for our customers to feel comfortable when discussing their financial circumstances. Therefore, we strive to offer a respectful service and where possible in a customer’s preferred language. We also use simple terms and plain English in our advertising. We do this to ensure our products and the application process is easy to understand and transparent.

    We make decisions, not robots

    Unlike most lenders, we also choose to speak to you.  We train our staff to assess you as a customer individually, rather than just assessing you based on your credit score alone. We believe that by listening to your story, we can offer the right product to suit your needs.

    This means we are able to help you if have a salary, if you are on benefits or if you have recently moved to the UK.

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