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  • We’re so much more than a short-term lender

    Our loans are designed to grow with you. When you apply for your first loan with us, we’ll be able to offer you up to £800 to be repaid over 6 months. As we see that you’re paying back this first loan, you can get access to bigger loans lower rates and for longer terms. For example, your second loan with Oakam can go up to £1,750, which can be repaid over 6, 9 or 12 months.

    It’s all based on your needs and your repayment behaviour. Our loans go up to £5,000 for customers who have successfully borrowed and paid back with us, and interest rates decrease dramatically we see positive repayment behaviour on your previous loan.

    But there’s more! Not only can you unlock access to cheaper credit and bigger loans over time, we’ll also let the credit bureaus know that you are a reliable borrower by sending them records of your on-time repayments, helping you to move up and along the credit ladder.

    Our customers love us!

    90% of our customers rated our customer service 4/5 or 5/5.  Listen to what they have to say about our customer service or read about us on TrustPilot.


    Bad credit? We'll listen

    We’ll listen to your story if you are on benefits, have a bad credit history or just arrived in the UK. We’ve made it our mission to break down financial barriers and increase access for all.


    No hidden surprises

    At Oakam you’re always in control. You can choose from weekly or monthly payment plans. Our products are simple and transparent. We don’t charge late fees or penalise you for settling early.


    Your bridge to a brighter financial future

    As you pay back your Oakam loan, you can unlock better rates, bigger amounts and longer terms. It’s our way of helping you build your credit profile over time.


    Manage you loan via the Oakam app

    The Oakam app is always available, so you can check in on your balance, make payments or apply for new loans and top ups anytime you like.